"Ron has a magnificent voice and a very strong presence on the floor. He surely owns the big stage." [L.V-L.]

"The showmanship of this performer was over and above what we have seen and we would recommend Ron to anyone who is looking to be completely entertained.” [F.J., President and Entertainment Chair]

"The show tonight - Crooners and Kings - Ron Boudreau - A Musical Journey - An Outstanding Show – Fantastic Showmanship – Truly An Entertainment Professional" [C.J., Chairman of the Board]

“You could very well be the next Michael Buble.” [G.V.]

“I spent the last nine minutes being transported to another time and place! A place where folks dressed to the nines. Danced cheek to cheek. Thank you Ron! You have an incredible, versatile voice!” [G.K., Songwriter]

“Love Sway…good song choice…great voice!!!” [M.K.]

“Smooth as silk!” [A.S.]

“With your talent and energy, this show is a biggy!” [H.W.]

"Our residents just adore him. They say he is 'classy & smooth'. He has a wonderful voice and all the right smooth moves." [D.G.]

“It's all about the music”

Ron’s tribute to the Crooners takes one down memory lane, to an era reminiscent of style and class … when suave gents and sophisticated ladies listened to the dashing tunes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and other musical icons. Dancing the night away, in fashionable attire and elegant venues, they were entertained in a most striking and memorable way!

Ron’s performances share the experience, through an enchanting mix of Old Blue Eyes himself and the King of Cool, with a charming splash of crooning songs from the polished past to the present day flair of Michael Buble.

Ideal for dinner shows, black tie affairs, VIP and corporate events, Vegas-style cabaret performances and other special occasions, limited only by one’s imagination.

At a performance in White Rock, Ron was interviewed by goVancouver as an “up and coming talent”, and below is the link to the clip that was aired on Shaw TV:

"The Crooners - A Canadian Tribute" CD, released August 2014, is now available in limited quantities only in Canada...Ron's tribute to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin...$10 direct or $12.50 with shipping...to order, please send "Comment" on "Contact" page.

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